July 10, 2021 marks the official launch of, a new platform for sharing comics by Irish creators in the traditions of webcomics and old-school group-blogging.

Founded by Aaron Fever, Clare Foley, Hugh Madden and Paul Carroll, the launch of the site will also include work by Jaime Lalor and Anthea West.

The first pages from the first five stories are going live on Saturday July 10, 2021. Each week day after, the stories will update

Mondays: Sredni Vashtar
Clare Foley’s adaptation of the Saki short story published in 1912. You’ll be able to read the first page of this quirky horror on launch day on July 10th and a new page will be posted every Monday until its conclusion.

Tuesdays: After Yesterday
Chapter 1, Page 1 of Jamie Lalor’s lauded webcomic will be also be posted on launch day on July 10th with a new page of music, friendship, and goths posted every Tuesday.

Wednesdays: MR & MRS VAN HELSING
Site co-founders Aaron Fever and Hugh Madden join forces on a newly-wed/monster comic which debuts on July 10th and will post a new page every Wednesday.

Thursdays: Eyes
Thursdays will be the great Anthea West’s short black & white horror stories, beginning with the very creepy tale EYES.

Fridays: The Fiend in The Forest
Written by Paul Carroll with art by Clare Foley, this ghoulish tale of a young fox’s trip into the woods will update every Friday.

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