Alliance Fran├žaise Dublin Comic Book Festival: Live Readings

I’m very pleased to be involved this year once again in the Alliance Fran├žaise Dublin Comic Book Festival. A series of live readings will take place on Zoom on Wednesday 12th of May, including comics read by myself along with Sarah Bowie, Philip Elliott, Debbie Jenkinson, Julien Laloy, Elida Maiques, Melody Ung, and Eoin Whelehan.

Click here for details and booking for the Live Readings event, and information about the rest of the Comic Book Festival can be found here

‘Gravy Zine’ Instagram takeover

As a featured artist in the upcoming ISOLATION edition of Gravy Zine, I took over the Gravy Zine Instagram on 23/07/2020, showcasing some work including a sneak peek of unreleased comic Sweet Kiss of Death (panel featured below). Check out the Instagram here including where my takeover begins.

I’ll be posting my actual featured work for the zine titled SOLITUDE once the zine is printed.