‘Gravy Zine’ Instagram takeover

As a featured artist in the upcoming ISOLATION edition of Gravy Zine, I took over the Gravy Zine Instagram on 23/07/2020, showcasing some work including a sneak peek of unreleased comic Sweet Kiss of Death (panel featured below). Check out the Instagram here including where my takeover begins.

I’ll be posting my actual featured work for the zine titled SOLITUDE once the zine is printed.

Herpetology Tarot Set now available


The Herpetology Tarot set is now available through Etsy.
The packs have been extremely popular and have already sold out before. There are a very limited number of packs left currently – link here.

Each pack comes with a booklet explaining the meaning of the various cards, as well as helpful suggestions for how to read the cards – spreads to try, things to think and things to think about.


The booklet also contains some amusing quotes from each of the reptile and amphibian characters featured.